Domino’s “Oh Yes We Did”

Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza launched their “Oh Yes We Did” campaign about two years ago. The campaign was radically different then what we were used to seeing for advertising in the pizza industry. Much of the campaign focuses on the CEO of the company, Patrick Doyle, showing photos and testimonials of bad customer experiences, and admitting that Domino’s pizza sucked, but it doesn’t anymore.  Take a look.

“Domino’s pizza crust is like cardboard”
“Bring on the processed cheese”
“Microwave pizza is far superior”
“Boring, artificial, imitation of what pizza can be”

Confronting their harshest critics by admitting that their pizza sucked was a risky move–but it paid off. In just one year, this transparent approach increased same-store sales by 12%, definitely a record breaker in the pizza industry. Truth sells. Creating trust between the business and the client on a small scale matters.

NP 2/12


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