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Little Caesar’s Gets Silly

The short 30 second clip begins at a serene lakeside park one sunny afternoon. A man is fishing and lands a big catch. He exclaims, “Woo! Fish!” Another man, enjoying lunch at a picnic table nearby, shares the joy. “Woo! Five Dollar Pizza!” And then a girl comes up raising above her head a bizarrely calm dachshund, “Woo! Dachshund!”. They woo back and forth, and so the three strangers exult in delight in the simple pleasures of life. A big fish can be exciting. So can a five dollar pizza. And so can a dachshund, I suppose.

In June of 2012, Little Caesars teamed up with ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000 and launched it’s first national ad campaign in over fifteen years. This fishing ad is what it came up with. It’s short, simple, sweet, and when it’s over, you sort of wonder of what you just watched. It’s random, funny, memorable, and consistent with the kind of marketing Little Caesars is known for.

Check out their X-Ray Vision ad from 1991.

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Domino’s “Oh Yes We Did”

Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza launched their “Oh Yes We Did” campaign about two years ago. The campaign was radically different then what we were used to seeing for advertising in the pizza industry. Much of the campaign focuses on the CEO of the company, Patrick Doyle, showing photos and testimonials of bad customer experiences, and admitting that Domino’s pizza sucked, but it doesn’t anymore.  Take a look.

“Domino’s pizza crust is like cardboard”
“Bring on the processed cheese”
“Microwave pizza is far superior”
“Boring, artificial, imitation of what pizza can be”

Confronting their harshest critics by admitting that their pizza sucked was a risky move–but it paid off. In just one year, this transparent approach increased same-store sales by 12%, definitely a record breaker in the pizza industry. Truth sells. Creating trust between the business and the client on a small scale matters.

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Entering the Conversation

Slice Harvester Quarterly Zine

Slice Harvester Quarterly Zine

I examined three pizza-related blogs: Legends of Pizza, Pizza Rules!, and Slice Harvester. Legends of Pizza’s “How the Internet Changed Pizza History” chronicles how the Internet has changed pizza to a once highly regionalized food (NYC, New Haven, Chicago) to a staple food  choice easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Pizza Rules! is a pizza blog with a personal edge about all things pizza and the author averages about 3 slices of pizza a day. Pizza Rules! also utilizes a more dynamic layout than Legends of Pizza

Slice Harvester is a blog that also prints a zine publication. Slice Harvester utilizes a multiple platforms to reach its audience and mostly reviews pizza shops in the NYC area. In addition to publishing a pizza zine, he has a Twitter and a Facebook, which allows for communication between himself and his audience.

The Pizza Blogosphere seems to me pretty uninhabited and the blogs that do exist aren’t updated often and go through long periods of inactivity. I haven’t found a pizza + media blog yet, but I am excited to contribute to the discussion.

MLW 1/29

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