Goodman’s American Pie and Transparency

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know all about Domino’s radical marketing strategy called the “Oh Yes We Did” campaign. The strategy was groundbreaking for the industry. Imagine: a multi-national company being honest and transparent in their food products and marketing; it’s unheard of!

Way before Domino’s began to practice the novel concept [hint: sarcasm] of  “transparency”, odds are, your local independently owned pizza shop was doing it first. Take Goodman’s American Pie in my hometown of Ludlow, Vermont for example. Goodman’s American Pie is located less than a mile away from the well known ski resort, Okemo Mountain. On a typical Friday night in the winter “the wait” for a pizza can be up to two and a half hours as mountain-goers process into town from NY, NJ, MA, CONN, etc. This video was shot in the winter of 2011, on a Friday night, before the mayhem, and shows the everybody the pizza making process– from start to finish. How’s that for transparency?

This video is part two of a series called Behind The Bus, which you can take literally, because what separates the kitchen area from the dining area is a extended VW Bus. See the first video here.

Other things GAP does well: The small business has a fairly static website with basic information anyone would need to know to order and pick up a pizza. However, they have a very active Facebook  with new posts almost every day and over 800 “Likes”. They also have a Twitter (@woodfiredza), with fewer posts and fewer followers (about 130).


The best part about Goodman’s American Pie’s marketing strategy: it’s unpretentious. The Facebook page is handled by the owners who post whatever they want: pizza promotions and events–yes, but also family photos, memes, Clint Eastwood pictures, mustaches, car photos–anything of interest. And customers eat it up! Unlike Domino’s “transparency” campaign, Goodman’s American Pie doesn’t have to pay through the roof (over 185.5 million dollars annually) trying to convince customers they run an honest business. Transparency is automatic for GAP, and that’s evident for anyone who follows their Facebook account.

Clint: Pizza is Good For the Soul

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8 responses to “Goodman’s American Pie and Transparency

  1. Quinn

    True Pizza Saints! and I thinks you’re on your way Domenica! Keep up the great blogging I love your stuff

  2. Every time I watch that video it gets me jazzed about what we do, and why I love making and eating pizza! It’s not just the process of making the pizza to me it’s about the PEOPLE that enjoy what they do that makes the difference. All of my employees are like part of my family at Goodman’s I try and treat everyone there as more than workers and friends. I try to include everyone when we can if Somthing cool is happening in the Goodman household and if its fun it creates more memories for us and everyone there. That’s one of the reasons we are always laughing at work! Do you think “papa” John Shatner hangs out with his employees at his 12 million dollar house? Probably not:/

  3. Mark

    That video made me hungry!

  4. Julie

    Give Goodman’s Pizza a Chance.Their pizzas are yummy.Come as strangers,leave as the guy who ordered The Rip Curl with sun-dried tomatoes!

  5. Crissy Wright

    Craig & Jess, you make the best pizza I’ve ever had. If I lived in Ludlow, I would love to work with you! I am so proud of all you have built and accomplished. You have made such a positive impact in your community and in the lives of so many people who visit and live there. Congrats on your success!

  6. Fitzgibbons

    D, this was absolutely amazing! The video made me miss being behind the bus even more than usual. Your research was clearly thorough, and gave you a great amount of leverage for making your point. Your blog is so great, and so well thought-out. (I also appreciate your exceptional grammar and punctuation. I generally boycott blogs due to poor English skills, but yours is restoring my faith in humanity.)

    All in all, you rock! I’m proud to know you.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  7. FP

    Goodman’s GREAT people making great pizza!!! GEAT YET?

  8. Jim

    I’ve Done Nothing But Think About Wood Fired Pizza All Day! Look Out Craig! I’m Bringing My Appetite.

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