Every Pizza Ad Ever

Watch Telekinesis Studios “Every Pizza Ad Ever“, a parody of what I think may have been in jest of Papa John’s commercials.

Compare to:


The last one was a little bit sexy, don’t you think? I think what makes Telekinesis Studio’s parody funny is that it is so accurate. Despite that fact that there is an evident formula to making a pizza commercial, Papa John’s commercials are very effective in stimulating behavior in the audience (to go out and buy Papa Johns Pizza!).

A few persuasive techniques being utilized in these ads taken from the ACME Coalition for Media Education:

Plain Folks: The opposite of testimonial; persuading by appealing to the common man or portraying yourself as “just one of the guys/gals.” CEO and Founder of Papa John’s portrayed as just an average Joe starting up a multi-millin dollar pizza chain. He reaches out to his customers by revealing a little about himself: his favorite pizza.

Beautiful People: Persuading through images of good-looking individuals to sell products, lifestyles, behaviors, or ideas. There’s no denying Papa is a handsome guy! And the make-up helps!

Hyperbole: Persuading by making exaggerated claims. Found all the time in advertising media. “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Papa Johns”. Better than what, really? And how do we know?!

Reptilian Brain: In the second Papa Johns commercial, the slow motion images of the food being prepared targets a part of the human brain known as the “Reptilian” brain. This brain reacts to stimulation in four ways: Eating, Mating, Fighting, or Flighting. The slow images of the food trigger the primal brain to want to eat.

Do you see any other persuasive techniques in these commercials that might make an audience want to order for delivery?! Let me know your thoughts below!

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4 responses to “Every Pizza Ad Ever

  1. Jake Goraj

    Before reading this I never really realized how many commercials use these techniques to draw the attention of the masses. They are effective too. Seeing good ingredients piled on a pizza (or anything) in slowmo makes you hungry. After watching this, I brought up the ‘reptilian brain’ technique to my roommate. About a minute later a commercial for Burger King came on the tv, and sure enough, most of these techniques were included in the commercial.

  2. Quinn

    This was great!! Absolutely too funny. Not only that but the pseudo ad really brought to light some very important aspects that are necessary for any successful business. Mainly the fact that advertising and marketing are a huge factor in any industry. From raunchy commercials to a fluid mastery of advertising that combines the surreal with the real advertising these days has it all. I only hope people can appreciate this as much as I did.

  3. Quinn

    In reagards to the “Papa-Johns” ad it kinda freaked me out. What does it for me is either more action and more comedy orrrr…. a delicious looking zaaa that will tantalize my taste buds. Not 45 seconds of food being thrown around and only 10 or so seconds of Pizza time

  4. Christina

    This was a really good analysis that you presented about Papa John’s and their advertising (and really any of the large national pizza chains). I liked how you used the parody video and then gave us two comparison videos, followed by a well-organized “breakdown” describing the different angles of their advertising. Starting this post with the parody video was a good choice to really grasp our attention and then the breakdown you provided after the videos was well presented and to the point, really nailing the topic right on the head. Great post! Keep up the good work!!!

    P.S. I’m hungry… for some reason I’m thinking about pizza 😉

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