Almost Pizza

This Saturday Night Live skit is almost as funny as it is scary. I found it while browsing the “Occupy Monsanto” website. Occupy Monsanto describes itself as a movement “of taking back our food system from these parasitic corporate behemoths who have been poisoning both us and our environment”.  Tell us how you really feel.

The skit may have been written for comedy, but it’s built off a lot of what we’ve been hearing in the news lately on transparency in whats in our food and where it comes from. My Facebook newsfeed has been blowing up lately with stories about a controversy between Monsanto and the state of Vermont. Here’s the scoop.

According to Nation of Change, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is afraid to back the Vermont legislature in requiring mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food. His reasons? He is afraid of a lawsuit against
Monsanto Company, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation headquartered in Missouri and a leading producer of genetically engineered seed and herbicides. In addition, he also “expresses fear that specialty food producers will suffer economic loss because they will be forced to change their genetically modified ingredients, or label them.”

These are valid reasons considering most people would agree that a lawsuit from Monsanto is inevitable. Is it more important to protect our residents from likely damaging ingredients in our food or to protect Vermont’s finances?

Over 61 countries recognize “that there are serious health and safety concerns with GMO foods and animal feed, and so the question remains, will Vermont stand up and set a precedent for the rest of the country?

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If Vermont mandates the “Right to Know GMO,” we’ll never again wonder if what we’re eating is Almost Pizza or not.

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4 responses to “Almost Pizza

  1. FIrst of all, that skit is so funny and it really gets you thinking. I was unaware of this issue until I started reading this post and it really needs to be rectified. I believe that we need to protect our residents from likely damaging ingredients in our food rather than Vermont’s finances. In the end, it the people who count, so priorities need to be set!

  2. Jake Goraj

    I don’t really understand how a corporation can go about suing an entire state, but that’s besides the point. I think that it’s really important to let residents know what is going into the food that we’re eating. Forcing these corporations to label or change their modified ingredients isn’t bad by any means, especially if the additives in the food can be harmful to its consumers. I think the benefits of this legislature outweigh the cost in this case.

  3. I love SNL and that skit was great! The message it sends is all to clear. If we the people don’t get involved than we won’t have a voice. Company’s like Monsanto not only control seeds that are resistant to roundup that are potentially poisoning people who eat crops grown from them, They are also bankrupting farms all over the world for seed blowing onto neighboring farms that are Monsanto seeds. Monsanto holds a patent on all the seeds farmers not only buy the seeds but than have to pay royalties years later for “saving seeds” to replant the following year! This has led to farmers committing suicide in some countries. President Obama just passed a bill that puts them in a position to plant genetically engineered crops without any testing by the USDA!
    I can only hope Vermont will stand up and tell Monsanto to take there seeds and shove it! GMO labeling needs to happen not only in Vermont but worldwide. This is just the tip of the iceberg watch the movie “the world according to Monsanto”. It’s truly scary

  4. The problem with corporations having the rights of people and being above the law is that real people are held accountable directly for their actions. When a person “breaks the law” it is mans law, and with all towns, states and governments bankrupt, the ones that are holding real people financially obligated are the Banks which hold primary shares in all of these multinational corporations. What about a Higher Law. The one above these corporations and their shareholders ? The cost of Freedom is nothing when we give it away to these false institutions. The stories being passed around about other countries burning GMO fields of crops are what must be done. Of course, we all know how that will escalate. Armed gaurds guarding the fields or even worse, drones on domestic soil along with the unNatural crop they would be guarding for people that arent really people (corporations)…. How far does this have to go before people stand up? How unNatural do have to get before we can get back to being spiritual beings that have a body in this life time…time is ticking, and we are occupied with this foolishness perpetuated and reinforced by puppets of a false god. Corporations will exterminate the human race.

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